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Hello I am RoboMatt Schellenborg. I have no human emotions, so we probably won't get along well.

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So apparently 4chan has started deleting any threads about “gamergate” and banning anyone that talks about how “women are destroying video games” which is really interesting because now there’s an entire group of horrible misogynistic dudes who really just lost their final stronghold and are doomed to just wander the internet crying. Tonight I literally read the words “the feminist thought police have won.” This is incredible. 

The whole “gamergate” thing is really funny to me, because they’re right about the whole “game journalism lacks ethics and journalistic integrity” thing, but for some reason people collectively decided that the best way to get that point across was to personally attack a game developer.




I read this comic 2 days ago and I’m STILL laughing at it

fucking bullshit

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"Is there no limit to what Stanley won’t notice?"

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Literally me

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new york is an amazing city

one of the last things I saw before I left New York was, I was walking down West 12th street, d o w n t o w n…



Sometimes I think about the fact that the only real conversation I ever had with Ben Iwishlilbwasmygrandpa was a serious discussion about Christian imagery and psychological themes in Evangelion

ben’s a good guy, you should talk to him more

Anonymous said: Is music/chord theory important? I've been taking a class on it for a while and none of it makes sense. Should I still try and write music without knowing it or will it sound like garbage?


No, fuck school.
- derrick


Do not think about music theory as a set of rules to write music. Music theory is a language you can use to communicate with other musicians. Steve would probably love it if we could talk to him intelligently about music instead of just being like “hit that cymbal there”


Music theory is good to know because if you know what the rules are, you’ll also know when to break them

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