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Hello I am RoboMatt Schellenborg. I have no human emotions, so we probably won't get along well.

ask whatever

Gaudreau might be injured GOD DAMMIT


this is the best thing i’ve ever made 



Warning Signs of Satanic Behavior. Training video for police, 1990

the perfect photoset

Aw shit

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If the strain proves too much
Give up right away
If the light hurts your eyes
Stay in your room all day

When the room fills with smoke
Lie down on the floor
In the declining years
Of the long war

When the blood’s in the water
And the shark’s going to come
And we swim in the dark
Until our bodies are numb

Blind desert rats in the moonlight
Too far from shore
In the declining years
Of the long war

Empty room with a light bulb
When the phone starts to ring
Everybody gets nervous
Nobody says anything

The next day someone’s initials
Show up on the door
I think I’m going to crack
Can’t live like this anymore

Ugly things in the darkness
Worse things in store
In the declining years
Of the long war

im debating turning this blog ibtot a hockey blog, how would u all feel about that

oh right no one reads my blog


Les Enfants Terribles (French for The Terrible Children) was a United States Government project developed in the early 1970s, which aimed to produce clones of renowned president George W. Bush. The three clones were named Solid George Bush, Liquid George Bush and Solidus George Bush.

portable smash bros was a huge mistake, im never going to get anything done every again

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